Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"The Heart of Life"

The Heart of Life John Mayer- Continuum
The soft strumming of a guitar, it sounds like fall. The notes are neither slow nor fast, but live within the steady realm of contentment. The tempo is one of an easy stroll, one that allows you to calmly gaze at the world around you. Turn it up, for the song will never feel too loud. Drown out the racket of tourism and daily monotony that define December in New York City, and feel contented with just this- the soft lull that is John Mayer’s voice.

The song emanates a peace that is rarely found in the city. With a repeating rhythm and a simple spirit, it describes a crisp day in the park. It tells of the warmth that Christmas lights and candles know best and the friendly calm of wine shared with a close friend. I, along with most close friends of mine, agree; John Mayer is the douche bag with the guitar. It remains undeniable, however, that with this song he captures something great.

As you walk through these streets, weaving your way in and out of person after person, take a moment to play this song. Perhaps you, like me, will notice that your pace slows down. That shadow of things left to do- the one that continuously flattens your heels as you speed through your day- maybe it disappears, even if just for three minutes and nineteen seconds. And for that temporary peace, my friends, I must thank good, old John and Stephanie DeVita (pictured above), the dear friend who sent it my way.

But do not get me wrong. I still think he is the douche bag with the guitar.
The Heart of Life]

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