Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Say (All I Need)"

Say (All I Need)OneRepublic- Dreaming Out Loud

Sometimes life is hard, and there is simply nothing that we can do for the moment to change it. We want nothing more than to collapse onto our bed and crawl under the covers. So what if our clothes are on? So what if New York street germs are still clinging like death to our shoes? Right now, we just do not care.

Maybe those finals are slowly vacuuming the air from our lungs as we stare beyond those Plexiglas safety walls. Maybe we have problems larger than school, ones that seem to reoccur in new forms but still reek of the same, old stench. Large or small, even if insignificant on the other side of tomorrow, they bog us down. They threaten to perpetually deny us of the simple joys that usually keep us alive.

Now, my friend, now is the time for us to embrace OneRepublic. All we need is the air we breathe, and a place to rest our heads. Life, it is hard, but it will never get any easier; it can only promise to be different. We are so fortunate to laugh our way through most of lives. We live in one of the most thriving cities in the world, and we have some of the best, most genuine friends. To expect perfection from life is to tempt it to take us down, to ask life to punish us for our ego. We are not perfect. How can we expect perfection?

No. We must embrace difficulty as one half of the dichotomy. There is this difficulty, these obstacles that scatter themselves throughout our lives, and there is the ease with which we live most of it. So lay your head down, allow your emotions to rise with the tension in the song, and then let them go. We cry tonight, but tomorrow we live again.

I love you, oh sister of mine, more than you can imagine. Together we press on.

[Say (All I Need)]

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