Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"That's Why You're Beautiful"

That’s Why You’re Beautiful

Beyonce: I Am…

Sometimes people just get it, and sometimes it’s better than that. Sometimes, people just get you. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded, encircled, smothered even, with these people. Smothered because, those times when I might feel upset or frustrated, these people sweep in and stifle those feelings.

Although, I guess now that I think about it, they don’t stifle them. They dissipate them, and those unwanted feelings become no more.

This is an inspiring thing, to think about the people that do what they do, only because they be who they be, and, in doing and being, they make.

They make me happy.

Happy, though, isn’t quite enough, for the word doesn’t quite cover the full extent of that feeling that I feel from their doing and being and making. Perhaps they make me ecstatic, although it is not always that hyper. Sometimes yes, but not always.

Perhaps they bring me peace.

I am peaceful, that is true, but it is also more that that. These people, they inspire me to be and do and make for others what they is/does/makes for me.

Maybe they make me.

Hrmmm. Now that’s a thought. I exist without them, though, that is true. Were they not here, I would walk, feel, breathe, and live. I would continue on. But, these people have such an effect on me. They shape the ways that I think and I do. They motivate me to walk, feel, breathe, and live in ways that I never have before. I suppose I’ve thought of it then, just now when you were lost in thought thinking about the people that be, do, and make for you.

These people, they make me, me.

Yes. That is it.

[That's Why You're Beautiful]

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