Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"I'm Good, I'm Gone"

I’m Good, I’m Gone Lykke Li- Youth Novel

Oh, hello there. Welcome to my playground. As you can see, it is very colorful; hand-painted by yours truly! Why have the same, old, drabby steel when you can have all these great colors?

Oh, did you see the swing set? It’s my favorite. Shall we take a spin? No? Are you sure? It really is the best thing in here. You mean you wandered in by accident? You don’t know where you are…

Oh, no, I don’t know where that is. Are you sure you don’t want to go for a swing before you leave? No? Okay. It’s no matter to me. I love it either… Oh look at the colors!! I can get so high on it- I always do…

Oh hello there. Do you want to go for a swing? Oh, I see. I guess I did already ask you, didn’t I? I just get distracted by the colors sometimes. I can already feel that arch upward, can’t you? Huge kick and away we go! No? Oh, well, are you sure you don’t want to swing with me? There are two seats…

I was just asking. No need to get flabbergasted. Don’t feel special. I invite everyone who looks like they’d enjoy it. Yes, I’m fine. I think I’ll just go for a swing. It’s so fun you know…

Oh, this was exactly what I needed. Pump. Pump. Higher and higher and higher. Oh, wind. Wind! Against my face. Against my tongue! Oup! Dry mouth. Better close that. No… Too good it feels!

Now what was that? I vaguely remember something… or someone, maybe… Oup… Oh well. Sun!!

“And if you say I'm not OK

Then that's the goal.

If you say there ain't no way that I could know,

If you say I aim too high from down below,

Well, save me now 'cause when I'm gone...

You'll be callin' but I won't be at the phone”

[I'm Good, I'm Gone]

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